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Price: R8 892.99

The price includes the tax SA VAT 14%, shipping cost is not included

KEMA 2000va(1200 watt) UPS INVERTER

Includes 2 x 102AH battery

Our Plug-‘n-Play Inverters come in a kit form with simple assembly instructions.

Batteries are optional and many customers prefer to purchase their own, however, we recommend maintenance-free 102 amp-hour batteries with stud terminals to enable our cables to be tightened with a nut and a spanner. Deep-cell batteries cost a little more but will last much longer than conventional batteries. The 102 amp-hour batteries have sufficient reserve to ensure you have power for hours. Corrosion-free Battery boxes are supplied with our kits.

Not sure which Inverter to purchase? Refer to the Wattage page to determine what items you want the Inverter to provide power to when you experience your next power failure, then simply combine the wattages of the various items.
E.g. PC = 200 watts, PC screen = 100 watts, TOTAL = 300 watts.

Prevent overloading of  an Inverter by ensuring your total wattage does not exceed 75% of the Inverter rating
E.g. a 300 watt Inverter should have a maximum load of 225 Watts (300 x 75% = 225watts)

CAUTION! Never use Inverters on high wattage items e.g. hairdryer, iron, toaster, heater, tumble-dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, stove etc.

All our Inverters are now sold with corrosion-proof battery boxes.

KEMA Inverters are robust and dependable and can be bought in kit form or complete with 102a/h batteries. KEMA inverters come with a 12-month walk-in warrantee. Battery warranties are carried by the manufacturer.

NB. Smaller batteries may be used but they will not last as long
as 102a/h units.

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Manufacturer: KEMA

Product code (SKU): 1200VAUPS



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